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Analysing Data

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Mission Statement

      The mission of Schnieders Capital Management, LLC (SCM) is to enhance the financial well-being of individuals and institutions by creating custom tailored portfolios that meet specific needs while providing outstanding investment advice and customer service.  The portfolios we create diversify risk across industry groups and across asset classes, including equities and fixed income.  Our clients are primarily in the Pasadena and greater Los Angeles basin, but we also service many clients that are geographically dispersed across the United States.

Structure of SCM

     SCM is a horizontally integrated firm. This means we personally handle the core functions of analyzing companies, building portfolios and communicating with clients.  Back office, payroll, accounting, and technology services have been outsourced to local and regional firms, all of whom have been integrated into our communications network.

     This structure allows our firm much greater flexibility in rendering investment advice. We have access to a broad range of research, a large inventory of bonds (both municipal and corporate) and other fixed income instruments.  Furthermore, we are able to work with a number of different brokerage firms. Our primary brokers are Pershing, a subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.  Both firms offer our clients attractive commission prices, and are top clearing brokers on the New York Stock Exchange, executing a significant percentage of all daily trades on the NYSE.  Bank of New York Mellon, Pershing’s parent company, and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. are also two of largest custodians of client assets in the U.S.

Investment Research

     Exhaustive investment research is our key to providing clients real value in the market.  SCM has the resources necessary through its own computers and via access to proprietary and industry databases to which we subscribe, to perform fundamental analysis on thousands of companies across all U.S. industries.  These data points are then filtered to look at attractive valuations, earnings growth, future growth potential, earnings stability, dividends, competition, and possible future catalysts to find appropriate investments for our clients based upon their unique profile.


     In addition, SCM has sell disciplines based on valuation, peer group performance, deteriorating fundamentals, event risk and technical factors.  In fact, SCM has computer systems that automatically search for these factors across stocks which we own and are monitoring.

      We feel we are somewhat unique given the size of our firm, in that we generate our own ideas, and utilize Wall Street research as a starting point, which is then filtered through the variables we deem to be important.


     The end result of all this is a highly specialized firm wherein we provide a setting in which we work with our clients and make investment decisions on a personalized basis, rather than being thrown into a large corporate environment marked by answering machines and a revolving personnel.

Your professional and financial success are often accompanied by wealth management challenges.

     At Schnieders Capital Management, we develop a financial plan based on your risk profile, tolerances, long term goals, and short term needs.  SCM will then custom tailor a portfolio of high quality, brand name, large capitalization companies that can help provide the current income and long term appreciation to help you meet your specific financial needs.  We are committed to delivering financial solutions enhanced by meetings and feedback we receive from you. We take pride in the fact that we enjoy numerous long-term client relationships, and service family groups and corporations, often across multiple generations.

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     Our setting offers a small, personal firm where you work with senior professionals who make investment decisions.  We offer only customized investment advice based upon years of experience.

Let our many years of investment experience set the direction of your investment portfolio to help preserve and enhance your wealth!

Benefits of Working with SCM

  • Meetings with Portfolio Managers

Consult with senior portfolio managers on a personal basis.  Receive professional investment advice, with a well diversified portfolio designed to meet your exact needs.

  • Technology

Access to your portfolios and account information 24 hours a day through the custodian’s website, in addition to monthly statements from the custodian.  Access to customized financial reports on your holdings during meetings provided through a host of financial technology databases available to SCM.

  • Market Reports

Save time and stay informed with quarterly market updates, trends and projections.

  • Goals & Financial Planning

Set financial goals and get specialized assistance to help you meet your financial objectives.

  • Diversification

SCM creates diversified and well-balanced portfolios to help you meet your long term needs and reduce risk for your financial security.

  • Competitive Fees

Since SCM is a horizontally integrated firm, our expenses are kept low.  These savings are passed on to you. 

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